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fan community for Japanese piano band WEAVER
This is a fan community for the Japanese piano rock band WEAVER. The three piece band includes pianist/vocalist Sugimoto Yuji, who writes most of the group's songs, drummer Kawabe Toru, who writes their lyrics, and bass guitarist Okuno Shota, who usually arranges their songs and occasionally writes them.

Please feel free to share news, pictures, links, etc. related to WEAVER here! Please DON'T share pirated copies of their music, since they could really use your support! If you love their music, buy it!

Please DON'T post: mp3's, or rips from commercial DVD's. I don't want to deprive them of CD and DVD sales.
PLEASE post: Just about anything else!! Music videos and clips from TV shows are just fine, as are questions, discussions, concert reports, or whatever else you like!
Icons and other graphics are also more than welcome!

Also, you can read English translations of WEAVER's blog entries over at weavermusicblog. Check it out!
Please also see our WEAVER fan facebook community, which mostly has the same content as this community, but it might be a little more convenient to check when you're out and about.
And if you love WEAVER but don't like livejournal, you can find most (but not all!) of the information here at this blogger site, or at least you will be able to once I get it up to date.

Also, please check out a sister community, nicotouch, about another band on the same label as WEAVER, NICO Touches the Walls.

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