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16 April 2012 @ 12:42 am
WEAVER Fanletter Project (update)  
Hello there! As Laura mentioned in the previous post, I'll be helping out with this project!
We're still collecting messages and letters so please keep them coming!
And the book will be given to them at the CLUB QUATTRO live in Osaka on the 5th/6th of May instead ^^
So, from now please direct the messages to me instead! I'll be doing this the same way that Laura did so I'll just paste what she wrote in the previous entry here.

To participate, you can do one or more of the following:

1) Write a message.
- You can write in English or Japanese (if you write in English, I'll translate it into Japanese and include both versions of your letter in the notebook).
- You can write to just your favorite member, or to all three.
- It can be as short as you like (even one or two sentences would be great!) or as long as you like.
- Please include your name or nickname and your country!!

2) Draw a picture.
The notebook will be more interesting and fun if it includes some art!
The members have mentioned both in their blogs and at concerts that they appreciate all the fan art they get in fan letters!
Even a little doodle would be great! 

3) Take a photo.
You can include a picture of yourself, maybe wearing a WEAVER T-shirt or holding up a sign with a short message to the members. I'm sure they'd love to see what a variety of people they have cheering them on. Or you could take a photo of something else - anything you'd like to share with them.

You can do just one of these things, or two, or all three! But please include your name or nickname and country, no matter which you do.

How to send your contribution: (this will work a little differently)

1) Comment on this post. Include your full message in the comment, or a link if you're providing a picture.

2) Through email. First, message me through livejournal. Please DON'T include your message in the livejournal message. Just write to me to tell me that you want to participate, and I'll send you Laura's email address. Then send your message and/or picture files to her email, with the subject line "WEAVER fan letter project" and your name.

3) Through the post. As above, message me through livejournal and I'll give you Laura's address. Then you can send an actual blown-up photograph, a handwritten letter, or an original drawing. If you do this, please be sure to allow plenty of time for the mail to reach in Japan! The shows are in less than a month, so the latest you should send it is probably next week? Laura needs time to scrap Also, no letters bigger than A4 and no double sided letters please! It's going to be scrapbooked onto A4 sized background paper so please keep that in mind! ^^

Please do take the time to do something for this project because we'd really like WEAVER to know how much love they get from overseas as well! Just a few lines will do~ We haven't had much contributions so far! Also, you are more than welcome to submit fanart and photos!!! There haven't been many people who have been submitting pictures and photos. So keep them coming in! We have less than a month, so I hope we get as many contributions as possible fast!